Automatic hematology analyzer / 12-parameter / bench-top / with touchscreen
Abacus Junior 30 ND Diatron Group


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    with touchscreen


The Abacus Junior 30 ND is packed with features, easy to use, lightweight, and has a practical color touch screen. A hematology analyzer designed for smaller clinics, laboratories or physician offices.

Ease of use - The Abacus Junior 30 ND hematology analyzer features a sophisticated but easy-to-use, multilingual operating menu. Its color touch screen offers selectable user modes, device statistics, icons and function keys. This allows rapid, accurate patient data entry and monitoring of test results. The Abacus Junior 30 ND hematology analyzer, like all other Diatron products, has been designed to be low maintenance, thus saving time and money.

High performance - The Abacus Junior 30 ND provides a complete 12 parameter hematology report for a variety of patient profiles with no preparation time, all within about 2 minutes. All functions are accessed via an optimized user interface enabling the operator to work quickly and efficiently. There are 4 USB ports allowing it to be easily connected to external devices and to easily upload any software updates.

Reliable and efficient - Innovative design in combination with the use of high precision electronic and mechanical components ensure precise and reliable CBC results, even in the most demanding of clinical environments. The automated sample rotor of this hematology analyzer eliminates the risk of sampling errors and contamination due the operator inadvertently touching the sample needle, and also ensures operator safety. The instrument has a comprehensive QC package providing Levy-Jennings plots for up to 6 QC levels, plus a range of self-diagnostic functions, assuring reliability and accuracy.


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