adenovirus assay kit / IgA / IgG / serum
81198 - 81198/12 Diesse Diagnostica Senese



  • Tested parameter:

    adenovirus, IgA, IgG

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Adenoviruses are nonenveloped icosahedral particles of 60-90 nm in diameter with fiber proteins on each spike that facilitate the attack against the target cells: they represent the largest nonenveloped viruses. Because of their large size they are able to be transported inside the target cells through pores (envelope fusion is not necessary).The capsid is composed of 252 capsomeres of which 240 hexamers and 12 pentamers placed at the top; the apex of each vertex is a fiber which facilitates attachment to target cells resulting toxic, as is its base. The fiber also consists of viral proteins attack (VAP). Each adenovirus is constituted by a molecule of linear double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) formed by 30-36 Kb base pairs and coding for 30-40 genes, a number greater than viruses of the same cluster.Up to now, there are 100 serotypes of adenovirus , 57 of these have the potential to infect humans and are divided into six species. I their health effects range from respiratory illnesses to conjunctivitis gastroenteritis. The Adenovirus infections are common and frequent, and most of them are contracted in the childhood spell.