resting electrocardiograph / digital / 1-channel / with printer
ECG-1001 Dixion Vertrieb medizinischer Geräte GmbH



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    with printer


Lightweight and space-saving digital 1-Channel ECG machine with modern design. LCD display showing ECG curve and additional data. Simultaneous acquisition of 12 leads. Built-in battery and high-resolution thermal printer. Data transmission to PC.

Modern complete digital design
Foldable antiglare LCD display
12 leads simultaneous acquisition
High resolution thermal printer
Built-in rechrgable Li-ion battery
Well designed touch pannel
RS-232 port
Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
Complete digital filter, avoiding baseline drift, AC, EMG interference
Baseline automatic adjusment, printing position
Auto/manual operation
Lead-off detection and alarm
Selectable printing formats, standard single channel or single channel & rhythm lead