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leak detector / carbon dioxide / for healthcare facilities
VarioGard® 2320 IR Dräger



  • Tested parameter:

    leak, carbon dioxide

  • Applications:

    for healthcare facilities


​In many fields of work, quick and reliable gas detection is a must. This is why we offer the Dräger VarioGard® stationary gas detector range. Dräger VarioGard® 2320 IR monitors possible gas leaks or work place exposure limits of carbon dioxide.The one to count on​The Dräger VarioGard 2320 comes equipped with highly precise infrared optical sensors; which greatly reduce the possibility of false alarms so that it should only sound when real danger is evident. The IR sensors are also extremely robust and rarely need to be recalibrated. Another plus is that they are resistant to outside factors in the air which could cause damage to the sensor.

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