veterinary radiography X-ray generator / portable
12592 DRE Veterinary



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    for veterinary radiography

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The DRE Mixed Practice X-Ray Generator is one of the smallest, lightest, high-powered, efficient veterinary-specific models on the market today. With the generator’s unique, ripple-free HFG system, you can have full logical control operation at any level — allowing for high-quality images with a low dosage of radiation.

The DRE line of x-ray equipment can simplify your facility’s entire imaging process: acquisition, diagnosis, storage, transfer and maintenance. Speak with a DRE representative today for more information on our complete line of veterinary x-ray equipment.

High detail in increments of 1 kV ranging from 40 to 120 kV.
Ripple-free HFG system for full logical control operation at every level.
Capable of providing high resolution images at low dosages.
Takes most radiographs in less than 0.05 seconds.
Easy-to-use, soft touch controls and digital displays.
Two-stage dynamic, automatic line compensation.
Customizable memory settings to match your facility’s workflow.
Lightweight body weighs in at only 25 pounds.