radio frequency electrosurgical unit / ablation / surgical / plastic surgery
E.A.S.T. DTA Medical



  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Features:


  • Application domain:

    surgical, plastic surgery, dermatology

  • Cutting power:

    0 W

  • Coagulating power:

    0 W


Small Scalpel-less Surgery
The continuous need for portable, versatile and dynamic surgical instruments has led to our E.A.S.T. (Electrical Arc Sublimation Therapy) design and implementation. The simplest of instruments, without leads and of the latest design for use exclusively for professionals in the fields of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

Practical and Easy to handle instrumentation, not connected to electrical mains circuits, to be used together with treatment with specialist equipment for:

The correction of mild and medium eyelid ptosis
Soft Lifting of excess skin
Skin hyperchromia
Distense periumbilical Striae
Removal of Warts, moles, keloid, fibroids, xanthelasma, dyskeratosis
Scar correction