intensive care patient monitor / gastro-esophageal pressure / on casters
Gastro Explorer HR Ebneuro



  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Measured parameters:

    gastro-esophageal pressure

  • Configuration:

    on casters


The new frontiers of the pathophysiology of the upper part of the digestive tract, which includes the pharynx, esophagus and its sphincters, the cardias and stomach consist in the immediate study of the whole area at the same time exploiting the high resolution provided by the probes of new generation.
The new technologies with the new classifications (Chicago Classification) provide precision and ease diagnosis than ever before.

The examination with a high resolution method is carried out through the introduction of a catheter via, the nose, having a variable number of sensors (24 to 36 depending by the technology) allowing complete study of the swallowing phase, maintaining the catheter in a fixed position.

The Gastro Explorer High Resolution manometry system provides an optimal solution in terms of ergonomics and technological flexibility as well as its complete adaptability to the working environment; it's able to use the Water Perfused technology as well as the Solid State one.
The software provides all the available parameters for a complete diagnosis, including the lastest classifications of disorders.
In addition to the pressure signals, it's possible to record other mechanical signals such as EMG, respiration, movement.