ultrasound bone densitometer / for femoral neck examination / for hip examination / for lumbar vertebrae examination
EchoS Echolight



  • Bone densitometer type:


  • Type of imagery:

    for femoral neck examination, for hip examination, for lumbar vertebrae examination


Portable and compact bone densitometry to bring the diagnosis of osteoporosis everywhere.

Connect EchoS to a dedicated laptop and proceed with the usual acquisition protocol.

Bone densitometry in suitcase.

Simply plug in the portable device to a dedicated laptop and run a full diagnosis at lumbar vertebrae and femoral neck.

EchoS will have a significant beneficial impact on current protocols for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and its clinical management due to the increasing of accessibility to the test in primary care enviroments.

It also ensures a considerable waiting list reduction and makes the examination of bone densitometry less expensive than current DXA fee.

The portable bone densitometry for the diagnosis of osteoporosis of the future.