ultrasound bone densitometer / for femoral neck examination / for hip examination / for lumbar vertebrae examination
EchoS Echolight



  • Bone densitometer type:


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    for femoral neck examination, for hip examination, for lumbar vertebrae examination


EchoS is the first ultrasound and portable solution for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis at the Lumbar Vertebrae and Femoral Neck.

Echolight has developed the very first non-invasive solution for bone strength assessment and early diagnosis of Osteoporosis. EchoS is a breakthrough ultrasound device for bone
characterization and micro-architecture assessment through an innovative approach that enables the scanning of central reference sites (lumbar vertebrae and proximal femur).
EchoS is the only solution capable of combining the advantages of the two main existing technologies (DXA and QUS), allowing our approach to bring axial bone densitometry at the point of care, with a significant beneficial impact on current diagnostic protocols and subsequent patient management. This will also open concrete perspectives for future worldwide standardization of intervention thresholds on the basis of more objective and reliable criteria, increasing the accuracy of Osteoporosis diagnosis.