electronic stethoscope / cardiology / for teaching / for telemedicine
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    cardiology, for teaching, for telemedicine

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eKuore pro is the first health care electronic wireless stethoscope able to connect wirelessly to mobile devices by WiFi technology.
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The eKuore pro app enables the auscultation to be recorded in your smartphone and its evolution to be compared.

Displays the auscultation on the phonocardiogram included in the smart wireless stethoscope.

Send the auscultation to another health care professional, quickly and easily, and get a more precise diagnosis.
Main Features
•Auscultation recording, processing and edition
•Applies heart and lung filters from the device.
•Sends the auscultation to another health care professional•
•Increases up to x20 the auscultation volume
•Interchangeable chestpieces – standardized and pediatric/infant

•Allow objective follow-up: Compares the patient’s condition objectively over several periods of time
•More precise diagnosis: Compare the physiological parameters to a database and get an objective diagnosis
•Improves the efficiency of the healthcare system.
•Reduces the level of uncertainty: Get a second medical opinion immediately through our electronic stethoscope.
•Remote monitoring: Enable 24/7 patient monitoring
•Improves the learning in universities.
•Professionals with hearing impairments: By setting the electronic stethoscope volume they can have again an auscultation according to their needs.
eKuore has available an API that allows you to integrate all stethoscope data with any system/software.