Mycoplasma test kit / for infectious diseases / for identification analysis / serum
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  • Applications:

    for infectious diseases, for identification analysis

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:

    serum, urogenital

  • Analysis mode:



Complementary immunological test to the direct detection of urogenital mycoplasma.

The SEROLOGY kit enables the quantitative detection in serum of the antibodies against the principal urogenital mycoplasma species, Ureaplasma urealyticum (U.u.) and Mycoplasma hominis (M.h.).

Given their lack of immunogenicity, serological testing of mycoplasmas does not replace direct diagnosis from patient specimens but is a pertinent complementary test. The serologic test for urogenital mycoplasmas is especially use to diagnose a deep genital infection, like salpingitis or prostatitis. The technique of metabolic inhibition using lyophilized reagents and reference strains is the most appropriate technique for use by non-specialized laboratories.

More than being the fastest technology available for Mycoplasma serology testing, our SEROLOGY test offers:

Simple methodology with no prior treatment of serum
High sensitivity and specificity
Fast results for clinicians, available within 24 hours
Visual colorimetric method, without expert interpretation
Control serum standard included in the kit

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