home use air purifier / UV / with ionization module
PF560 EmsiG



  • Institution:

    for home use

  • Options:

    UV, with ionization module


Appearance with streamlined design.
Test air quality automatically and adjust speed of purification automatically.
7 stages (pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter, formaldehyde, catalyst, Negative Ion, UV functions) to clean the air.
Sleep Function.
Remote Control, timer.
Air Flow Rate: 390m³/h
Noise Level: 20-42dB(A)3
Room Size(m2): 60-100
PM2.5 capture: 99.97%
Formaldehyde Decomposition rate: 99.00%
TVOC: 99.00%
Negative ion: >5 million ions/cc

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