flexible video endoscope light source / xenon / cold
ELS 21-18 Endomed Systems GmbH



  • Applications:

    for flexible video endoscopes

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Endoscopy System “DUO-1”

The ELS 21-18 is a modern high intensity Xenon-Light source with integrated insufflation pump and main applications are for gastroscopy and colonoscopy and in related procedures. The light source is available with adapters for flexible endoscopes of different manufacturers.

A powerful xenon glow-discharged lamp is the centrepiece of the unit. The lamp is fixed in a reflector, so that a calibration won’t be necessary. The colour temperature of 6000° Kelvin is equal to the colour temperature of daylight. A mechanical diaphragm is used to adjust the output intensity without any influence on the colour temperature.

The integrated pump delivers air pressure for both insufflating and rinsing. For emergency, there is a 150 Watt Halogen light source built in. This light source is switched on automatically, when the main lamp went off during work for more the 15 seconds.