veterinary biostimulation laser / veterinary acupuncture / diode / hand-held
ENERGY-LASER™ L500pro (Bluetooth) Energy Laser



  • Applications:

    veterinary biostimulation, veterinary acupuncture

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    808 nm


ENERGY-LASER™ L500pro (Bluetooth)

Handheld PBM laser equipped with 500 mW – 808 nm infrared (invisible laser).
Powerful all-round laser for the Professional. The laser has built-in LED guide light and comes with focus optics.The laser is suitable for pain and injury treatment and for dental and veterinary use. The laser optics make it suitable for reflexology, acupuncture and trigger point treatments. Programming and controlling the laser with regard to time, power and guide sound settings is done simply and easily via the built-in Bluetooth feature in the laser and the app. Treatment depth: approx. 3-4 cm.

Comes complete and ready for use in an aluminum case with the following accessories:

• 1 pc. Li-Ion MAXI battery
• 1 pc. Li-Ion charger
• 1 pc. Protective goggles
• Quick guide and user manual


• Lasereffekt CW max. 500 mW
• Wavelength 808 nm (invisible/IR)
• Laser class 3B


• Mucles
• Tendons
• Joint
• Scar tissue

Laser Therapy for Vets:

Laser therapy is used by vets throughout the world as a pain-relieving tool. The scientific documentation of laser therapy in veterinary medicine is large with over one thousand published studies on animals. In equestrian sports the practitioners of laser therapy are very excited about the results. Cats, dogs and other pets can also be treated with lasers with good results. As with pharmaceuticals, dosage must be adapted to the size of the animal and the type of fur.

The lasers are designed in a sleek ergonomic design with a unique ease of use that sets the standard for future PBM lasers. The lasers are designed and built of high-quality materials that ensure the laser’s longevity.