roll-up door / for industrial applications / for healthcare facilities / high-speed
DYNACO M2 EMERGENCY Entrematic Belgium NV



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    for industrial applications, for healthcare facilities

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Combine speed with safety

Install DYNACO M2 EMERGENCY flexible roll up doors in your industrial building and comply with safety regulations. Designed for intensive traffic flows, this high speed roll up door also offers an emergency exit.

The flexible PVC door curtain of this emergency high speed roll up door has an ingenious T-shaped cut in the middle. When a person pushes on the indicated release spots the curtain splits into two symmetric flaps and the emergency exit opens.
Integrated emergency exit

Once opened, the flaps of the emergency exit can easily be joined together again with a large zipper. It only takes a few minutes to make the flexible high speed roll up door fully operational again.

The unique push-pull technology and a limited number of wearing parts keep maintenance requirements low. The self-reinserting flexible door curtain minimizes down-time of the high speed door in case of an accidental collision.