ECG amplifier / 1-channel

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ECG amplifier / 1-channel ECG amplifier / 1-channel


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Integrated ECG amplifier (with suction system)

For ECG acquisition with wired electrodes, the ergoline rehabilitation ergometers can be equipped with an integrated ECG amplifier.

The ECG is acquired via the suction system integrated into the ergometer or via 3 disposable adhesive electrodes and transmitted to the ers.2 software. The ECG quality can be checked on the ergometer display at all times.

Ergometer training with ECG recording

acquisition of a 1-channel ECG via leadwires (adhesive electrodes or suction electrode system)
software-driven training equipment, central load control
proven and efficient – easy to disinfect for quick group changes
full data overview – including at the ergometer display (ECG waveform, blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate)