office chair / on casters / with armrests / pediatric
Euroflex ABC SitRite Eurovema AB


  • Setting:


  • Components:

    on casters, with armrests

  • Other characteristics:

    pediatric, height-adjustable, pneumatic, for people with reduced mobility, electric


The 700 ABC provides a good seating posture and increased mobility. The vivacity plays or other quiet activities can be performed. It has got many accessories, which makes it adaptable for day to day usage. It is designed in a way, to provide the disabled children, the optimized posture for performing various activities throughout the day, in school, by meal times, daycare and for the plays. For providing the best comfort and functions, the seats can be tilted accordingly. The versatile Flexbase chassis provides the stability as well as a safe contact with the ground. The 700 ABC also provides the good brake ability as because the chassis accommodates to an uneven floor as well. The brake is controlled by a foot lever of the product and is of the standard quality.