class III isolator / containment / dispensing / floor-standing
Extract Technology



  • Class:

    class III

  • Applications:

    containment, dispensing

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, glove box


Extract Technology Rigid Containment Isolators have been designed for handling potent compounds that can offer guaranteed levels of operator protection as low as 10ng/m3 (task duration). These include designs for sampling, dispensing and sub-division, mixing, milling and vessel charging, as well as containing integrated process devices such as filter dryer units, tablet press enclosures and pack off systems.
Here are the features of Containment Isolators:

Ergonomic design generated by the use of sloping operator interface panels, large oval PharmaPort gloveports (safe change), and drum/product manipulation devices, all proven with the aid of full scale mock-ups.
Multiple chamber arrangements providing defined barriers between process steps, enhancing containment performance whilst reducing the necessary cleaning zones
Fully welded fabrications of 316L stainless steel, providing crevice free construction with internally radiused corners and self draining bases (where required for the removal of cleaning fluids).
Gloveport design eradicating contamination normally found around the operator access glove/gauntlet and the viewing panel.
On-board safe change filter systems, ranging from push-push cartridge to high volume bag in / bag out types matched to suit the application.
Closed loop fan control systems maintaining operational settings and providing breach protection in the event of a port failure.
ATEX, CE, PED, UL, CSA, FM and GAMP 5 compliant.
Integration of proprietary contained transfer devices e.g. RTPs. SBVs etc
Controlled environments such as temperature, humidity and oxygen content.