multi-function trolley / for general purpose / 5-drawer / non-magnetic
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    for general purpose

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Light weight, rigid, durable single body module frame in polyethylene. Load storage capacity in excess of 100kg. Effortless cart mobility and exceptional cart stability and manoeuvrability. A choice of 4 drawer types (100, 150, 200 and 300 mm) with various colour combinations. Wide range of accessories for easy supply access and storage. Easy to wash and disinfect. 100% recyclable body material. A unique market concept.

Non-magnetic Overtour cart composed entirely of non-magnetic materials. Ideal and safe for use in MRI departments as this specialized cart will not interfere with the magnetic imaging equipment.

• SAFETY - Free of corners, sharp edges and detachable parts. Easy cleaning and disinfection. Light weight and quiet running.
• CONFIGURABILITY - Multi-use cart. Four drawer sizes. Vast range of interchangeable accessories.
• ERGONOMICS - Integrated cart push handle. Light weight and easy running. Single body module assembly.
• RESISTENZA - Robust single body module. No loose parts. Excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance.