multi-parameter ECG monitor / RESP / TEMP / CO2
PMS8000N Fazzini



  • Measured parameter:

    ECG, RESP, TEMP, CO2, blood pressure, O2

  • Applications:


  • Configuration:

    compact, portable, fingertip

  • Patient type:


  • Screen size:

    8.4 in


The monitor has a 8.4" high-definition color screen with user-friendly touch screen functions. Based on neonate's cardiovascular system PMS 8000N is equipped with advanced functions and unique technology such as: Innovative neonatal ECG and NIBP measurement technology to assist professional user in neonatal care. Advanced neonatal SpO2 technology which can effectively prevents the interference of motions and improve the measurement of weak perfusion. Oxygen concentration monitoring and apnea self-rescue functions with Intelligent Alarming System which enhances the anti-interference capability of NIBP measurement to ensure data accuracy even in neonate's movement Anti-motion respiration testing technology, apnea alarm. Dedicated neonatal ECG cable and electrodes. Dedicated neonatal measurement mode, software & hardware over-pressure protection.