12-channel electrocardiograph / digital / with printer / with display
ECG1200 Fazzini



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    with printer, with display


12.1” Color TFT LCD display, touch screen operation - Alphanumeric Keyboard, 216/210mm Adjustable Thermal Printer - Printing Preview - On-screen Diagnosis, with Intrepretation, Vectorcardiogram (VCG), 10.000 Digital ECG Records, Editable Analysis Report - Calibration Printing System - USB Printer Connection, for A4 Paper Printing. Communications ports ECG Cable - PC – USB2 - USB – External device IN/OUT port - NET. RECORD: 210mm width folding and rolled paper support, rich print format 12x1- 6x2+1R / 3x4, 3x4+3R - Intelligent Calibration Recording System - Cabrera Leads can improve the determination of infarction artery fatalness evolution - Classific gain; Chest leads and Limb / leads waveform can setup gain independence, easy for diagnose. WORLD LEADING VCG (VECTORCARDIOGRAM) TECHNOLOGY: Diagnosis of coronary heart disease, diagnosis of myocardial infarction, localization of myocardial infarction, localization of multiple myocardial infarction, diagnosis of atrial & ventricular enlargement, bi-atrial enlargement left ventricular hypertrophy, right ventricular hypertrophy, bi-ventricular hypertrophy, differential diagnosis of bundle branch blocks (BBB), BBB complicated with myocardial infarction, BBB complicated with ventricular hypertrophy BBB complicated with bi-fasicular block, differential diagnosis of arrhythmia, differential diagnosis of ECG broad QRS waveforms, localization of origin of ventricular premature beat, localization of accessory pathways.