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bottle capping system / for vials / for the pharmaceutical industry / automatic
BWC Filamatic



  • Product applications:

    for bottles, for vials

  • Use domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:



The Filamatic® Automatic Belt Wheel Capping machine is a tool-less capper equipped with six capping spindles for production rates up to 200 cpm. Unlike many other cappers, the Filamatic® BWC can easily adjust for additional bottle and cap sizes and can accoomodate container sizes from ml to gallons. It is capable of handling cap diameters from 0.39" up to 6" and container sizes from 0.5"-6.25" width, 1"-13" height.

The control system features a PLC based HMI touchscreen which handles capper functions from start to finish. The front panel includes clutch controls with gauges to precisely set the torque required for capping.

The Filamatic Belt Wheel Capper features more applications than other cappers and offers optional extended ranges to accommodate most applications. All Filamatic cappers can easily be integrated with other Filamatic liquid filling machines and auxiliary equipment.