knee orthosis / knee distraction (osteoarthritis) / articulated
OAK™ series Fillauer



  • Type:

    knee orthosis

  • Application:

    knee distraction (osteoarthritis)

  • Options:



Forget about the pain in the knees with the newly designed remarkable product, OAK Orthosis released by Fillauer. The device is actually a polycentric orthotic knee joint that gives maximum level of comfort to the user, making him forget the problems in his knees. The device is the synonym for maximum stability and provides 5 degrees of flesion which allows him to swing his knee without the worry of pain. The manufacturer has incorporated an adjustable range of 6° of genu varum to 30° of genu valgum which allows the orthodontist to fine tune the product according to patient comfort. The durability of the product is ensured as it is made of special strength aluminum and stainless steel.