manual resuscitation medical kit / disposable
038-71-94x Flexicare Medical



  • Applications:

    manual resuscitation

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Flexicare’s range of ergonomically designed Single Use Manual Resuscitators with higher levels of Oxygen delivery and pre-fitted components in quick-to-open packaging, provide fast effective care, even in the most difficult situations. Packaging Quick-to-open packaging and pre-fitted mask minimise set up time. Additional devices, such as a PEEP valve or Manometer, are fitted without removing the Resuscitator from the patient, so ventilation can begin immediately and continue uninterrupted. Clear packaging is large enough to expand the device for routine testing, whilst the tear-off strip assures the user that the contents are uncontaminated. Lightweight Construction Low resistance valves, and fast recoil bag reduce user fatigue, even during lengthy ventilations. Grip & Control Textured surface and optional strap gives grip and control of the ambidextrous bag, even when wearing gloves and in wet conditions. Optional Strap Facilitating single handed bag use, the strap permits the other hand to secure the mask or airway device. Double handed compression for adults remains possible if required.