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water analysis analyzer / bench-top / automatic
FlowCam® Cyano Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.



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    for water analysis

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Automatically Differentiate Cyanobacteria from Other Algae
Cyanobacteria imaged by FlowCam CyanoBased on proven FlowCam® technology, the new FlowCam Cyano automatically identifies cyanobacteria from other algae and particles in aquatic samples. Using a patent-pending combination of excitation wavelength, phycocyanin fluorescence measurement and image recognition software, the system automates what used to be done manually using microscopy. After differentiating the cyanobacteria from the other algae in the sample, VisualSpreadsheet and Advanced Classifier software can be used to further characterize the specific types of all algae found in the sample.

Typical FlowCam Cyano Applications:

Detection & verification of cyanobacteria presence
Biovolume calculation
Cell density calculation
Proactive treatment operations
FlowCam Cyano Offers:
High-sensitivity fluorescence detection (2 channels, phycocyanin and chlorophyll)
Ratiometric fluorescence accurately discriminates cyanobacteria from other algae
Further classification using over 30 image parameters collected for each cell
Integral bio-volume calculations
Faster & easier than manual microscopy