dental laser / Er:YAG / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted
AT Fidelis Fotona



  • Applications:


  • Amplifying medium:

    Er:YAG, Nd:YAG

  • Configuration:



High Performance Dentistry

Fotona’s high performance AT Fidelis* dental laser will add an exciting new dimension to your dental practice while providing the ultimate in dental care with a highly ergonomic and patient-friendly system that synergistically combines the power of dentistry’s two complementary laser wavelengths.

An Exceptional Treatment Range

With the Fotona’s exceptionally broad range of hard-tissue “drilling” options – the AT Fidelis features the world’s fastest and most efficient Er:YAG laser for high-speed drilling, outperforming even rotary burrs.

In addition, the AT Fidelis’ high-performance Nd:YAG & Er:YAG lasers enable trouble-free endodontic and surgical / soft-tissue treatments. The AT Fidelis even excels with cosmetic dental procedures such as Fotona’s gentler and more effective TouchWhite™ Tooth Whitening, along with a variety of common aesthetic skin procedures.

A Complete High-Performance Dental Workstation

Fotona’s AT Fidelis dental laser system is packed with features that allow you to work faster and more efficiently. With parameter selection as simple as the touch of a button, the AT Fidelis provides all the power and flexibility you need to treat both hard and soft tissues with unmatched speed and clinical perfection.