adult toe separator
F-00054-54/55 Fresco Podologia

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adult toe separator adult toe separator - F-00054-54/55


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DAY & NIGHT GEL BUNION SPREADERREF. F-00054-54/55Made of soft and smooth moisturising Deramed® gel, it is a combinationof the all gel toe spreader and the fully gel lined elasticfabric tube. The toe spreader helps prevent overlapping of the 1stand 2nd toes alleviating painful bunions, toe corns and blisterswhile pushing the toes into alignment. The tube keeps the spreaderin place all day making it suitable for both daytime or nighttimeuse.The gel constantly hydrates the fleshy parts preventing the appearanceof new corns due to inter-digital chafing. Suitable for HalluxValgus postoperatives. Fits both right or left toes