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area medical alert system / medical gas
C44 GCE Group



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    medical gas


Gas Alarm C44 is a gas pressure alarm intended for small gas manifolds, stabilizers and for example contact gauges/pressure switches connected directly to the main line. The C44 is a microprocessor based alarm for 4 alarm channels and is connected to the pressure sensing device with volt free contacts, for example contact gauges or pressure switches. Alarm C44 is voltage fed with 11,5 VAC. Supply voltage is fed by the enclosed transformer. Visible from the front is an integrated push button TEST/MUTE. If there is no alarm condition, all the light emitting diodes and the buzzer can be tested when the button is pushed.Should there be an alarm condition, the signal will be suppressed for 15 minutes. If an alarm has been silenced and a new one occurs, the MUTE function is cleared and the signal comes back until the cause has been attended to and the MUTE button is pushed again.Alarm C44 is equipped with an environmental-friendly rechargeable NiMH back-up battery.The sound volume is adjustable via a potentiometer placed behind the cover. At delivery the sound volume is set at medium.