Hair removal laser / diode / trolley-mounted
GP FAST General Project


  • Applications:

    hair removal

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Wavelength:

    760 nm


Why choose it?
Hair Removal Diode Laser

General Project experience and know how led to the development of an innovative technology for hair removal: a diode laser, with a double handpiece: an 808nm wavelength that allows the laser beam to penetrate in depth into the dermis and, then, bulb melanin to be absorbed; and a 760 nm wavelength that has all the Alexandrite functions with the benefits of a Diode!
Upgradable with other handpieces, GP FAST becomes the most effective diode based system: a complete solution for hair removal.

With GP Fast Alex diode 760 handpiece is even easier to treat dark skin or thinner and lighter hair with no pain

600/640 Watt supplied power guarantees a 12 impulse per second speed: a rapid scan which obtains the target rapidly and offers customers quality and cost effectiveness.

The last generation cooling system disperses quickly the heat produced by the high power diode, so as to offer a more comfortable treatment to patients.

The display integrated on the handpiece allows the continuous monitoring of the treatment in execution and an easy selection of parameters.

Preset programmes, customized for the different phototype to treat, make the selection of the parameters simple and intuitive for operators.

Safe, effective, painless and easy to use

Technical characteristics Diode laser 808
Laser: high power diode laser
Wavelength: 808nm
Impulse duration: up to 300 ms
Fluence: max 100J/cm2
Spot: 18x6mm
Frequency: up to 12 Hz
Handpiece guarantee: 10.000.000 di spot
Power supply:110-240VAC 50-60Hz
10,4’’ Display Touch Screen
DCS – Detection Control System
Laser cooler: gas Chiller
Skin cooler: Peltier


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