Laparoscopic trocar / bladeless / with sleeve / with insufflation tap


  • Trocar type:


  • Options:

    bladeless, with sleeve, with insufflation tap


The conventional pyramidal tip trocar has evolved and undergone progress to include a range of new features developed for and by today’s laparoscopic surgeons. GENICON’s Single-Use 5mm Pyramidal Tip Trocar & Cannula System offers unparalleled versatility, efficiency, ease of use, and low cost.

Let’s mull over these exclusive features that make the product worth:

-It’s finely Sharpened Tip provides a supreme ease of insertion through the abdominal wall.
-Considering Ergonomic, this Trocar palm piece gives you a comfortable feel; provides ease in handling, and is convenient to use.
-Perfectly designed for a smooth transition between trocar and Cannula for easier insertion and to lessen the risk of patient trauma.


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