Hasson laparoscopic trocar / non-rounded tip / with sleeve / with insufflation tap


  • Trocar type:

    Hasson laparoscopic

  • Options:

    non-rounded tip, with sleeve, with insufflation tap


The GENICON Single-Use Hasson Port System has features designed for and by laparoscopic surgeons preferring an “open technique” for initial trocar insertion site. The 13mm-5mm trocar system consists of a Blunt Tip Obturator and suture anchoring device that secure the cannula. Upon entry into the abdominal cavity, the Blunt Tip Obturator helps reduce potential injury to internal structures. The soft threaded anchoring device is designed to secure the cannula firmly while acting as “plug” to prevent gas leakage during instrument manipulation. This suture anchoring device may be adjusted up and down the shaft of the cannula for precise depth insertion.


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