Laparoscopic trocar / bladeless / with sleeve / with insufflation tap


  • Trocar type:


  • Options:

    bladeless, with sleeve, with insufflation tap


GENICONs Single-Use Vision Bladeless Trocar System provides a versatile, operationally flexible, and unique mode of entry into the abdominal cavity for any laparoscopic procedure. The distinctively engineered visual tip greatly reduces wound defect size as well as insertion force into the abdominal cavity. Injuries due to blind entry and a sharp blade are virtually eliminated with the use of GENICONs Bladeless Tip Trocar System.

The optical tip provides direct visualization of the various tissue layers when accompanied by a laparoscope during insertion. Because the bladeless tip separates and dissects without cutting, trauma to the abdominal wall and vessels are minimized.

The ergonomic wing grip fits comfortably into your palm while its low profile provides comfort and stability, along with the familiarity of a palm grip option versus a pistol grip. This patented handle design is an industry-first, made from a single polycarbonate mold providing sturdiness and reliability with trocar placement.


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