inflammatory disease test kit / serum / plasma / whole blood
PCT (Colloidal Gold) Getein Biotech



  • Applications:

    for inflammatory diseases

  • Sample type:

    serum, plasma, whole blood

  • Analysis mode:



PCT can be used to judge the severity of bacterial infection and to predict the risks of systemic inflammation and sepsis. PCT is the best indicator for bacterial infection and sepsis diagnosis. It was shown that PCT may help guide therapy and reduce antibiotic use, which can save on cost of antibiotic prescriptions and drug resistance.

-Suitable analyzer: FIA8000, FIA8600

-Detection Range: 0.1–50.0 ng/ml

-Cut-off Value: 0.1 ng/ml

-Sample Type: plasma or whole blood in Heparin, serum

-Reaction Time: yields results in about 15 minutes

-Storage Temperature:4-30°C

-Storage Life: 24 months. Use the test card within 1 hour once the foil bag is opened