laparoscopic forceps / for mini-invasive surgery / holding / Maryland
AlphaDur Fortis ADOS GIMMI



  • Applications:

    laparoscopic, for mini-invasive surgery

  • Procedure:


  • Type:

    Maryland, DeBakey, Luer

  • Other characteristics:

    with rotary handle

  • Length:

    16 cm, 22.5 cm, 30 cm (6.3 in)


Characteristic for the AlphaDur® instruments is the patent pending ADOS-Technique (AlphaDur® Oversleeve Seal), which guarantees a very high form of stability as well as patient comfort and patient privacy. When using the ADOS-System, the instrument and sleeve become one unit and move together in unison. This causes even more strength and the ability to use additional lateral torque or pressure, which is important for a few procedures, e.g. Bariatric Procedures, Nissen Fundoplication and Para Esophageal Hernia Repair).

If the instruments need to be switched, the instrument can simply be removed from the trocar via the luer-lock connection, leaving the long port in the abdominal wall.

The so-called rotating ratchet (an inside ratchet mechanism) is activated by slightly pressing the handles together. A slightly „click“ confirms the activation. To deactivate the ratchet, the handle has to be pressed together completely.

The ADOS instruments can be used both with the AlphaPort and the new AlphaPort ADOS ports. This is why both ADOS models should be considered as having their own unique features and applications to surgeons.