data management software module / visualization / diagnostic / sharing
eNcounter™ GlobalMed



  • Function:

    data management, visualization, diagnostic, sharing, capture, vital sign telemonitoring

  • Application domain:

    for DICOM files, ophthalmology, teleconsultation


Redefining the Patient-Clinician eNcounter™

The eNcounter Application Suite is a single sign-on interface that gives the user the ability to intuitively manage the patient visit, access and control connected medical devices, share images and conduct real-time video conferences in a HITECH environment with anyone in the world.

What is eNcounter™?
eNcounter™ is the intelligent solution that walks the clinician through the entire telemedicine encounter. Clinicians select a patient, capture vital signs, diagnostic data and images, conduct a real-time video conference consultation and/or store-and-forward secure data, all within one application. With a user-friendly interface, eNcounter™ is the ideal to give providers the ability to extend their reach of care on a secure platform, collaborate with specialists and preserve patient data. The data collected by eNcounter™ about the telemedicine visit provides the analytics to help healthcare organizations improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

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