Cryotherapy chamber


  • Temperature:

    Min.: -150 °C (-238 °F)

    Max.: -130 °C (-202 °F)


In ICEQUEEN cryocapsule all principles of the real cryotherapy are most realized thanks to its main constructive principles: heat-isolation and proofness.

One more important advantage of a cryocapsule is an absolute exception of overcooling of the top airways and lungs of the patient as he breathes air of the room there procedure takes place.

What is new in ICEQUEEN cryocapsule in comparision with the cameras of the previous generation?
In ICEQUEEN the basic principles of the former cameras are kept only. All the rest is brought to the level of world requirements:

The lifting electric floor and decrease in noise level inside the camera made procedure more comfortable for the patient. Due to the automatic mode the qualification of operator is not so important. All working parameters of the procedure are controlled by the computer.


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