knee positioning pad / surgical / human / anti-decubitus
Arida® Grena



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    knee positioning

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This product is designed to absorb all kind of fluids like water, saline, amniotic fluid, urine and blood during any kind of surgery or diagnostic procedures.

absorbs fluids and binds them in a form of gel. The absorbent is enclosed in a strong protective sheath of a fiber cloth. Sterile version can be used directly on or underneath the patient. Non sterile one is usually used on the floor. It creates dryer and safer environment and reduces cleaning time and cost. It significantly minimizes danger of wet and slippery floor.

Examples of applications:

· Urology (cystoscopy, surgical procedures)
· Obstetrics (caesarean section, labor)
· Orthopedics (arthroscopy, hip, knee or shoulder surgery, amputations)
· Trauma surgery
· Oncology
· Varicose vein surgery
· Ambulances


· Absorbs water up to 60 times of its own weight
· Safer conditions in the operating theatre
· Speeds up cleaning between surgeries
· Increases turnaround of operation theatre by 20%
· Reduces the chance for infections