hydraulic treatment table / on casters / height-adjustable / 2-section
DP-H501 Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology



  • Operation:


  • Features:

    on casters, height-adjustable

  • Number of sections:



Two section massage table with hydraulic height adjustment and mechanical headrest adjustment systems. Headrest has an ergonomic opening for face.Headrest can be adjusted by gas rod, The frame is made of powder coated steel, more than 12 colors can be chosen. All sliding parts are made of stainless steel. All massage table parts and materials are safe and are easy to maintain. The soft part is made of chipboard with injection foam that wrapped with medical artificial leather.

Hydraulic Treatment Table Function Description:

1. The bed can be overall lift with height range of 50-96cm.(Manual)
2.The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 75º.(Manual)
3. The armrests can be lowered maximum distance 18cm. (Manual)
4. Adjust the foot pad to make the beauty bed stable. (Manual)
5.Step on the foot of beauty bed, it can be moved freely.
6. Suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massage school.

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