physiotherapy examination table / electric / height-adjustable / tilting
DP-8394 Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology



  • Applications:


  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, tilting

  • Number of sections:

    3 sections


has multiple functions to enable it to be used for a variety of practices.

It is ideal for general medicine, diagnostics, initial examinations,massage care,and minor dermatological surgery.

It uses three actuators and can be controlled using a regular foot pedal(optional)..

Massage Table Function Description:

1. The bed can be overall lift with height range of 62-88cm.(motor)

2. The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 78º.(motor)

3. The seat can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 10º.(motor)

4. The legs can be tilted downward with a maximum angle of 45º.(manual)

5. Unscrew the five star knob to adjust the height of the pillow. (manual)

6. Open the plastic angle to adjust wrench,pillow angle:0ºto 90º.(manual)

7. The armrest of the head can be rotated backward to 180º.

8. Adjust the foot pad to make the beauty bed stable.

9. Suitable for hotel, health club, beauty saloon, hospital and massager school.