manual massage table / with armrests / 3-section
DP-8337 Guangdong Dongpin Beauty & Medical Technology



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  • Features:

    with armrests

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The DP-8337 can be tilt adjusted by hand, and it is equipped with plastic plates for placing massage tools. Which is more convenient for the massage operation. The wide iron frame provide enhanced stability on any type of floor.

Massage Chair Function Description:
1. Steel structure with great stability.
2. Footrest, backrest adjustable.
3. Three plastic trays.
4. Leather-like upholstery, easy to clean.
5. Can provide metal paper roll holder under the backrest.
6. The head can be tilted upward with a maximum angle of 30º.
7. The legs can be put down with a maximum tilt angle of 50º.