arm and leg pedal exerciser / seated
RehaMoto LGT-5100D Guangzhou Longest Science & Technology



  • Type of pedal exerciser:

    arm and leg

  • Position:



RehaMoto LGT-5100D

1/ 8” full color touch screen, accurate operation, intuitive display.

2/ Safety protect of upper and lower limbs.

3/ High performance servo motors ensure smooth operation.

4/ With movable wheel, the device can move to anywhere.

5/ Spasm recognition: Intelligent spasm setting, identification and protection system for safe training.

6/ Symmetrical training: To achieve visualization training of left and right muscle strength, to guide bilateral balance of muscle strength, enhance coordination.

7/ Game training: Enhance the fun of training and improve the initiative of users.


2.Skull and brain trauma
3.Parkinson’s disease
4.Cerebral paresis
5.Multiple sclerosis (MS)
6.Muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy
7.Cardio-vascular problems
8.Arthritis and osteoarthritis
9. Other problems lead to hypokinesia

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