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In general, transurethral resection (TUR) requires high power in order to ensure a constant cutting quality. In monopolar procedures the high current flow is passed from the surgical field through surrounding tissue and the body of the patient back to the HF surgical unit via a neutral electrode, whereas in bipolar procedures current flow is limited to the operating field only. The bipolar Plasmaloop system greatly reduces the risks associated with the use of conventional monopolar systems, risks such as uncontrolled current flow are eliminated. With Plasmaloop, current flow is limited to the space between the two distally placed electrodes and occurs only in the area visible to the surgeon. As bipolar resection is performed in saline solution, the risk of a TUR syndrome occurrence is practically eliminated. The Plasmaloop bipolar electrode arrangement ensures outstanding ignition performance, with precise, reliable and consistent cutting and coagulation quality throughout the whole procedure. This specially designed arrangement of the two distal electrodes also ensures that there is no current flow along the sheath, thus preventing unwanted thermal tissue damage caused by leakage current or damaged insulation. The Plasmaloop system design allows simple insertion and removal of the electrode. The ergonomic handle, the simple and self-explanatory detachability of the instrument and the cable connector being positioned parallel to the working axis enable safe and efficient working. All components of the Plasmaloop system are made from high quality materials that easily withstand current cleaning and sterilisation requirements.