Electric massage table / on casters / height-adjustable / 4-section
Quadroflex Luxe GymnaUniphy


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    on casters, height-adjustable

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The Quadroflex luxe is a treatment couch that has 4 sections and offers excellent support with its hinges found under the patient's knee, shoulder and hip joints. This split is based on human anatomy, making it possible to take on almost all positions. It is the perfect couch when the patient has to be moved from a lying position to a sitting one. This 4-section couch does not require the patient to rotate the feet on the head section to be in a sitting position. Treatment is expected to be comfortable and hygienic on the couch.

It also comes with powerful motors that make couch positioning easy. Its Gymna cushion heating provides extra comfort. Its cushions are luxuriously finished and have high-density foam. The 4-section support is adjustable to every basic position. It has a facial opening as well as arm rests that are adjustable, keeping the patient relaxed when in a prone position. Sitting position, height, and backrest are controlled by its 3 motors. The option to have fold-down side supports is also available.


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