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Intensive care ventilator / emergency / transport / CPAP
HAMILTON-C2 Hamilton Medical


  • Application:

    intensive care, emergency, transport

  • Ventilation mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    with adjustable PEEP, infant, portable, pediatric, for hyperbaric chambers, with touch screen


The HAMILTON-C2 is manufactured to facilitate respiratory assistance to neonates, infants, pediatrics and adults. The ICU ventilator can be transferred with the patient all around the hospital because of its compact size, incorporated batteries and noiseless turbine. The Ventilation CockpitTM on the HAMILTON-C2 can be customized and provides essential information which requires attention of the user. The product provides the user an option to display traditional waveform, the Dynamic Lung or the Vent Status panel and the ASV graphic. The efficient evaluation of the ventilation therapy on per breath basis is provided by the volumetric capnogram which is supplied as an optional system. The advanced panel graphics helps in visualizing the ventilator status of the patient and its dependence in an easy to read format. The HAMILTON-C2s compact size and heavy duty batteries and air supplies ensures easy mobility of the device anywhere inside the hospital. The two completely charged batteries provide independent working of 5.5 hours. The product provides an efficient monitoring package containing 72h trend function. The design of the Ventilation Cockpit enhances safety.


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