Intensive care ventilator / emergency / transport / infant
HAMILTON-C2 Hamilton Medical


  • Applications:

    intensive care, emergency, transport

  • Patient type:

    infant, pediatric

  • Ventilation mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    with adjustable PEEP, portable, for hyperbaric chambers, with touch screen


The HAMILTON-C2 mechanical ventilator is a universal ventilation solution for all patient groups. The HAMILTON-C2’s compact design and independence from external power and air supplies allow for maximum mobility throughout the hospital. The integrated high-performance turbine guarantees optimal performance even with noninvasive ventilation.

In the NICU, using the HAMILTON-C2 for volume-targeted ventilation delivers consistent, appropriate tidal volumes as low as 2 ml with the aim of reducing lung damage.

The HAMILTON-C2 provides an extensive monitoring package with a 72-hour trend function.

The HAMILTON-C2 includes Hamilton Medical's standardized Ventilation Cockpit user interface and the unique intelligent ventilation mode, Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV®).


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