flexible video endoscope light source / halogen / cold
MEC 150/EDDO Happersberger Otopront



  • Applications:

    for flexible video endoscopes

  • Light source:


  • Other characteristics:



The MEC 150 is a mobile endoscopic center. It can be used separately or can be fitted with Otopront units. The instrument designed with space saving features and mounted on four antistatic rubber castors for mobility makes it suitable for various locations such as hospitals, specialist’s consulting room or on the ward for bedsite visits.

Independently operated four powerful halogen bulbs are connected to automatic on/off switch via photodetector. Four thermostatically controlled heating quivers protect against fogging and four additional disinfection quivers are secured for emergency needs. Both flexible and rigid endoscopes come with all the quivers. A head lamp rest connected to automatic on/off switch can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the unit. The entire mobile and compact device supports the care givers to enhance the process of diagnosis of the patients.