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For estimation of the depth of anesthesia during anesthetic processes and establishment of a new standard for instant ECG inspection of the consciousness-level, the Cerebral State Monitor™ proves to be quite efficient as a device. Costs of monitors and sensors are also revised and a new strategy is incorporated to monitor more patients. CSM solutions are capable of providing a high quality of services in a cost effective manners to the patients. The medical professionals are able to comfortably understand the monitoring easily by a single touch which is provided by the true point-of-care LOC assessment. The device can be integrated with any other monitor in ICU or OR and software of PC such as CSM Link Software without any wire. It is a portable device that can be operated with one hand. The product also comes with a battery which is operated for lifetime. The real time LOC monitoring with the battery system allows transportation inside or outside the hospitals. CSM monitors and disposable sensors could be set up at affordable costs.