transport stretcher trolley / emergency / recovery / pneumatic
H-40 Hidemar



  • Type:

    transport, emergency, recovery

  • Operation:

    hydraulic, pneumatic

  • Features:

    height-adjustable, with adjustable backrest, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg

  • Other characteristics:

    X-ray transparent

  • Number of sections:

    2 sections


The Hidemar's emergency trolley stretcher with x-ray cassette is anexcellent capacity of transport. The bed is with articulated headrest through ratchet and X-RAY permeable. The 2,000 x 660 mm mattress is of synthetic leather upholstery. Height can be adjusted by means of oleodinamic pump.

It has a pneumatic system for trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg positions with simple activation. It also has a folding rail for easy, fast and safe handling. It also has protection hoops in head and feet, an object bearing tray, two IV stands and an oxygen bottle holder. To know more of this and other products, please visit Hidemar's website for details.