breast biopsy table / height-adjustable
MultiCare Platinum Hologic


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    breast biopsy

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The MultiCare Platinum breast biopsy prone table delivers exceptional image quality, accurate targeting and precise, efficient operation. Using cutting-edge targeting and guidance technology, the MutliCare Platinum breast biopsy table provides the superb image quality you need to locate tissue required for biopsy, even from the most difficult-to-access lesions. These combined elements, along with greater comfort for patients, place the MultiCare Platinum table from Hologic at the forefront of breast biopsy.

Youve asked us: How can we make this procedure better for our patients? The answer? The MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table, which incorprates the efficient, precise breast biopsy technology you demand, while providing maximum comfort for patients.

With the latest advances in stereotactic technology, the MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table is the ideal system to characterize calcifications, masses and architectural distortions. Intuitive Cartesian coordinates help technicians ensure precise, accurate targeting and safe, easy access to even the most difficult-to-reach lesions.

The MultiCare Platinum prone table features our exclusive contoured surface with centered aperture to optimize efficiency. With the patient lying prone in either direction, the C-arm can be positioned at any angle, providing true 360-degree access. This flexible positioning capability ensures easy access with the shortest skin-to-lesion distance, guaranteeing direct access to any lesions. Approach angles can be varied with minimal to no movement on the patient’s part, ensuring that the procedure can be completed quickly and efficiently.