Leader Hologic

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luminometer luminometer - Leader


The Leader family of luminometers is designed to detect chemiluminescent emissions from a wide range of sample types and quantities. Capable of processing up to 250 samples at a time, the Leader platform provides an automated photon-counting luminometer with both the sensitivity and flexibility to perform virtually any luminescent assay.


The Leader system platform allows laboratories to seamlessly work with innovative Hologic assays to detect the presence of disease. Pairing advanced automation with the specificity and accuracy of our full range of assays leads to early detection, appropriate treatment and better outcomes, for labs and for patients.

The Leader HC+ instrument provides an automated platform for Hologic Aptima nucleic acid amplification tests.
Designed to work with the Accuprobe and GASDirect non-amplified DNA assays, the Leader 50i and 450i instruments provide the ideal detection system for sensitivity, speed, accuracy and ease of use.