wound dressing / hemostatic / antibacterial
5x5 cm Hongkong Medi



  • Type:

    wound dressing

  • Option:

    hemostatic, antibacterial


The Hemostatic gelatin sponge Bandage
Size can be made according to your requirements,we can do OEM for you.

In China, loss of blood – hemorrhaging – is a main cause of death, second only to trauma injuries. We provides a patient with the time needed to either reach care or gain the critical time to clot. Our Bandage provides the medical professional a solution that is quick-acting, natural, localized and effective. In addition to providing hemostasis, Our sponge dressings also offer an antibacterial barrier against a wide range of microorganisms including MRSA, VRE, A. baumannii (only single strains of most species have been studied).
Bandages are easy to apply, and are effective to stop even the most severe bleeding.

2 x 2 inch Hemostatic gelatin sponge Bandage( Size can be made according to your requirements,we can do OEM for you)

The 2 x 2 inch hemostatic Bandage is currently being used in many emergency departments or hospital surgery or cancel patient as drug carrier , cath and IR labs, rapid response team kits and has proven invaluable to hemodialysis centers. Its hemostatic properties can stop even the most severe bleeding. We have training videos for you to review in our product training section.
Ideal Uses
• Drug carrier for slow absorbable drugs for Canner patient
• Stop arterial bleeding
• Post catheterization procedures
• Diagnostic or Interventional radiology
• Electrophysiology lab procedures
• Lacerations
• Head and neck wound trauma
• Motor vehicle accident trauma
• Gun shot wounds