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magnetostrictive ultrasonic insert / for scaling / for furcations
UI30SDR Hu-Friedy



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  • Applications:

    for scaling

  • Other characteristics:

    for furcations


Ultrasonic Insert Direct Flow After Five, right 30kHz

Compatible with the 30kHz Hu-Friedy SWERV3 magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler

SWIVEL DIRECT FLOW INSERTS The ultimate ultrasonic insert. Water Delivery; through-tip.

Swivel Direct Flow inserts have all of the features of the revolutionary Swivel inserts plus unsurpassed through-tip water delivery. This design focuses the water flow directly to the tip, reducing excess spray and increasing visibility. A special blend stainless stell alloy improves reliability for a longer life. These inserts also feature a longer 30 kHz grip to improve grasp, access and adaptability in posterior areas. Reach deep into pockets and achieve efficient subgingival scaling with the thin tips of the After Five straight, left and right inserts. These probe-size tips enhance access into periondontal pockets.

Hu-Friedy Magnetostrictive Scaling Inserts

- Efficient at lower power ranges: Allows you to turn down the power to increase patient comfort and still achieve efficient, thorough scaling.

- Color-coded handles: Colorful resin handles help instantly identify tip design and increase tactile sensitivity.

-Water delivery options: Choose from 4 water delivery options for your preferred combination of spray and lavage.

Hu-Friedy magnetostrictive inserts are compatible with Hu-Friedy SWERV3, all Cavitron* and Cavitron-compatible generators. * Cavitron is a registered trademark.